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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> referee: personal foul, horse collar tackle on the defense. that penalty will be enforced, half the distance to the goal. automatic first down. >> beth: two-minute warning is upon us. the 34-yard run will stand how are you doing today? that's how i am. with the blue cash everyday card you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. my only concern is that this is where we put food.
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>> beth: two-minute warning in the final preseason game. the raiders and seahawks. seattle with the two-point lead as they stop the raiders on a two-point conversion here late in the fourth quarter and now driving deep into the red zone, it's going to be first and goal from the 3 for seattle. tupou and collins in the back field in the i-formation. collins with the carry. weaving his way down to about the 1. second and goal. drew iddings with the tackle. >> matt: you don't really want to score that fast down here. take all downs and run as much time off that clock, even if -- even if you go to four downs and you don't get it, give them 99 yards to go. the clock is what matters.
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>> beth: collins again, punches it in, touchdown seahawks. rookie out of arkansas fighting for a spot. helping his cause right here. they go 43 yards in just four plays, 1:02. 22 points here in the second half for seattle. they trailed 2-0 at the break
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and now hauschka will try to add another. this is big, it will make it a nine. point lead and require a couple scores, and hauschka does just that. we get set to close down the preseason. the roster will be kbut to 53 players on saturday. and ten guys added to the practice squad sunday. the regular sln start with the super bowl rematch on a thursday night september 8th, the panthers at denver and the raiders season will start out september 11th at new orleans. that is one of five games in the first half of the season for oakland that will be a 10:00
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a.m. west coast start. yeah, a lot of yawning, possibly. >> matt: there will be. a lot of waking up in the second half. >> beth: yeah, brunch with the raiders on september 11th, september 25th, october 2nd, october 22nd and october 30th. >> matt: the particular game we're playing in minnesota, i could want wake up. before the game, i asked my backup, a tactical error, jamey kimmel, i said, i know it's going to sound stupid. i want to you slap me in the face as hard as you can. and i couldn't get the words out. and this could be it here. >> beth: atkinson. he gets by hauschka and going to take him the difference. touchdown raiders! no penalty flags.
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>> matt: they're going to need three regardless. so you kick the field goal here and then the on -- the extra point and then you get the -- then you go for the on side. nice job of staying in bounds and cutting back inside. thorpe did a nice job of taking the extra -- the last defender out of the way. >> beth: he had a couple moments earlier tonight and his resiliency continues to shine through as atkinson comes back and makes a huge play. 80 yards on the kick return for the touchdown. >> matt: if he could haven't beaten hauschka, he could have been abused in the locker room. >> referee: time-out oakland. the third and final time-out. >> matt: beth, my -- >> beth: did they have to call a time-out there because they
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didn't have enough guys on the kick unit there? >> matt: could have been. . >> beth: t ill be a two-point converse and then we anticipate the on-side kick. 23-21. keep in mind, if they can get the kick year, you have janikowski, one of the best in nfl history. if needed. >> matt: realistically, if you got the ball to their 42 yard line, 43 yard line, you could try a single yard kick with janikowski, he can hit it. to finish the story, jamie kimmel. before i could get the words out of my mouth, he hit me so hard. i mean, i was out.
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i was like, what are you doing? and he said, are you okay? he knocked me down. we played the game, came back. the game's over. and after the locker room, i don't go in the training room but i walk past and our trainer goes that's a hell of a shot you took in the game. kimmel's hand print was embedded on my face. i learned a valuable lesson. don't ask your backup to wake you up. >> beth: no. all right, here we go. with janikowski. placing it at the left hash there on the 35. numbers are back to his right. with six guys that side. he's going to go the other way. pops it straight up in the air and knocked out of bounds.
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waiting the signal here for the officials. there is a penalty flag down on the far sideline. >> matt: another flag. that one came late though. >> beth: the raiders special teamers are running off. the defense is running out there. >> matt: would have been hitting it out of bounds. >> beth: yeah. i think it was ryan o'malley, tried to reach up for it and ended up batting it out. >> matt: he went to penn. he's smarter than that. what's wrong with him? yeah. >> referee: there's no foul on the play for illegal touch. the ball was touched legally beyond ten yards. the ball went out of bounds,
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last touched by the receiver team. it will be their ball. first down. >> beth: ten yards, getting possession for the raiders. o'malley, 85. and now it goes. and victory formation here for boykin. the raiders are out of time-outs. final minute. >> matt: beth, so they get out of the fourth preseason game but a lot of good things happened in this game. particularly on defense for the young players. offensively, the numbers weren't good for connor cook, i think he learned a lot of good things here tonight and he showed some poise. i think all in all, the running backs, we talked about the start of the game and richard, i thought he had a nice game and he played himself very well. and washington did the same thing. there's a lot of good to take out of the game. would be an interesting season. >> beth: it's been a pleasure.
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another great time in the preseason and in ten days, headed off for real. seahawks will pick up the win here. 2 23-21 over oakland. a lot of the young raiders showed themselves well here tonight. for matt millen nicole zaloumis, j.t. the brick, i'm beth mowins.
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we are back in oakland. the fans are here, greeting the raiders and saying good-bye and waiting an exciting season ahead of us. aun believable last ten minutes of the game as the raiders are set for the first game of the
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year on the road against the new orleans saints. for beth mowins, matt millen and nicole zaloumis, i'm j.t. the brick saying so long from oakland where the final score was seattle, 23, oakland, 21. we'd like to thank you for watching our coverage of raider press season football on the oakland raiders television network, raider nation, get ready for an exciting season.
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he didn't sit down. the 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick took a knee for the national anthem at tonight's preseason game in san diego. this time he wasn't alone. a teammate joined colin kaepernick. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. it was a salute to the military in san diego. while a navy petty officer sang the anthem, kaepernick knelt on one knee, blocked from camera view as eric reid also took a knee. we have team coverage, ktvu's amber lee has reaction from fans here in the bay area. we start in san diego as ktvu's jason appelbaum, was taking a knee a concession of source -- of sorts in the wake of criticism? >> reporter: i don't know. that's a good question. it could be perceived as less defiant and a little more neutral. but bottom line is kaepernick indeed did not stand up for the anthem. he took a knee. i will say there was a lot of love for kaepernick a few
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minutes ago behind me by 150 49ers faithful. i did not see any negativity. he was treated like a hero, he took selfies. pretty amazing to see. he did not stand tonight. and he was not alone. >> ♪ . >> reporter: here at qualcomm stadium cameras focused in on colin kaepernick during tonight's delivery of the national anthem. as expected, kaepernick set or rather took a knee while navy petty officer first class stephen powell's voice filled the stadium with "the star- spangled banner." what wasn't expected was that teammate eric reid who has been supportive of kaepernick also took a knee and the two embraced after the anthem. his ongoing protest comes as the chargers hosted its annual salute to the military event
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full of pomp and circumstance involving more than 200 servicemembers which included members of the parachute team, dropping into the stadium before the anthem. a chorus of boos filled the stadium when kaepernick took the field prior to the anthem. and he was booed and heckled after the anthem and pretty much every snap. most fans blasted kaepernick for his decision calling it a disgrace and unpatriotic. >> it's kind of disrespectful. i'm a vet. i fought for this nation. i'm very proud of it. >> i think he's being immature. and i think there's a bigger picture here. the bigger picture is he's a hero. and there's kids that look up to him and those kids need to see him honor our country. >> reporter: others didn't like what he was doing but they were more measured. >> i think kaepernick has the right to do what he wants. and i understand he tried to
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prove a point. i don't think it's the right arena for it. >> reporter: there were fancifully stood behind kaepernick's actions. >> i support him. it's his decision. he has the right to sit down. me being a veteran, we believe in him having that right. that's what we serve, to give you the right to make your own decision. >> reporter: as for officer powell who sang the anthem, he wouldn't comment on kaepernick's protest but he made it clear exactly how he felt. >> i'm a patriot. i believe in the flag. true believer of all that. and served my country. >> reporter: kaepernick obviously the folks at -- that don't support his actions, they were much more vocal than those that didn't but this the stadium was half filled with niner fans. after the game he was shown a lot of love. coming up later we will show you how kaepernick did with all of this drama, the booze and some of the love we talked about, how he did and he played pretty well.
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coming up later in sports with mark. >> jason appelbaum tonight, our coverage picks up now with ktvu's amber leigh, you were with some 49er fans in the south bay tonight watching the game and colin kaepernick. >> reporter: frank, we spoke with football fans who watched the game tonight. everyone agreed that kaepernick has a right to say what he things. but many disagreed with the way he's protesting. at the firehouse brewery in sunnyvale tonight, many fans stood during the national anthem. >> it was natural. i just stood up. you stand for your country. i mean, it's as simple as that. >> reporter: they were celebrating a long-standing tradition as they waited for the game with the 49ers and the san diego chargers to start. fans reacted to kaepernick's refusal to stand. many did not notice he was kneeling or did not make a distinction. >> you've got a large number of
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people that are there that have sacrificed and had significant loss fighting for this country. to sit on the bench and be disrespectful in an environment like that, i think it's a horrible thing to do. >> reporter: at a nearby table a group of friends gathered for fantasy football. some say they support the spotlight on reality as kaepernick's protest brings. the unfair treatment of minorities by some law enforcement officers. >> i like that he's bringing attention to it. it's a subject that is a touchy subject that people don't want to hear about. >> reporter: is disrespectful not to stand during the national anthem. regardless of what kaepernick is protesting. >> there were a lot of people that died for this country. a simple salute to stand up for the flag is not a lot to ask for those people. >> reporter: kaepernick stirred controversy when it became known that he wears socks that show cartoons of pigs wearing a police hat. the center tell eric -- at the santa clara police department
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issued a statement, our mission to provide an enjoyable environment at levi's stadium will not be affected by what any individual says, does or wears. >> the things that are going on right now with the cubs and the police academy and the brutality that's happening, it's absolutely terrible. so i'm going to support, i might wear them. but as far as not standing up for the anthem, i would definitely oppose. >> reporter: many fans tell me they support kaepernick's protest against racial injustice. but that there's a time and place. and they say it's not during the national anthem. live in santa clara, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. not just colin kaepernick and eric reid who didn't stand for the national anthem. at about the same time seattle seahawks cornerback jeremy lane sat during the national anthem at tonight's raiders game in oakland. it's not clear if layne acted in solidarity with kaepernick. so far he hasn't commented. now to some developing
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news, a clerical error is being blamed for the mistaken release of a violent inmate from san francisco jail. deputies say 20-year-old victor rodriguez is a gang member who has a violent history and has made threats against law enforcement. rodriguez was apparently overheard saying once he's released, he would keep an assault rifle in his car so that when he's pulled over he could quote kill some cops. rodriguez was released at about 10:00 last night. a court clerk apparently made a paperwork ever by noting the charges against him for violating his probation had been dismissed so jail officials released him. they didn't realize the mistake until 8:00 this morning. final preparations underway at the main jail in santa clara county brock turner's release tomorrow morning. he is being let out in the morning from his controversial six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. ktvu's azenith smith is outside the jail where the sheriff's department is anticipating protesters and a lot of media. parking restrictions take effect in two hours.
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right? >> reporter: yes. starting at midnight, no one will be allowed to park in front of the jail or the hall of justice. i want to show you some media outlets have already staked out their spots. and barricades are up outside the jail front door. to help direct turner when he's released. on the eve of brock turner's release, sheriff deputies placed these barriers outside the santa clara county main jail. the sheriff can't recall it happening before. >> we just want to make sure that he is directed the right way and that the protesters are in one area and the media is in another area. >> reporter: among last-minute preparations that include added deputy patrol stays the -- stage inside and outside. turner is set to be released like any other inmate during daylight hours sometimes after 5:00 a.m. when he leaves the front door. he'll be confronted by cameras, dozens of outlets expected. and protesters angered by what
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many call and overly lenient sentence. >> we are hearing from groups and also hearing there were -- they will become and i hope that's true. but we don't know as far as fringe organizations or anything like that. there's a lot of attention on this. >> reporter: the former stanford swimmer was sentenced to six months for sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman outside a fraternity party last year. prosecutors recommended six years in prison, judge aaron persky followed the probation department's recommendations. >> [ chanting ] >> reporter: three bicyclists with advocacy group ultraviolet plan to be riding with billboards that look like this. symbolizing the three months turner served in jail. >> a light sentence that judge persky is responsible for. he was -- he let his bias get way -- get in the way of justice. pro protesters will gather outside to rally in support of
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recalling judge persky. among those expected, sexual assault survivors and elected officials. including assembly member nora campos who represents san jose. >> we are coming together as a community and as individuals to say that we need to look at our judicial system. because it failed emily doe and it failed a lot of other women. >> reporter: turner could be released before these rallies begin. he must report to the probation department within 48 hours and he is set to serve that probation in his home state of ohio. frank? >> we'll be there with our coverage beginning at 4:00 a.m. azenith, thank you. and effort to change the sentencing law because of the brock turner case, we'll hear from a lawmaker behind the bill that's currently on the governor's desk. the coast guard was involved in a rescue when a fishing boat ran into trouble west of the golden gate bridge. the boat hit some rocks and started taking on water around 5:00. 15 people and a dog were on board. fortunately the boat was close
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to shore and the coast guard crew was able to help everyone make it to the beach safely. this took place at kirby cove at the north end of the bridge in the marin headlands. we watched from sky fox as the coast guard crew raced into action. everyone is okay. at least three members of donald trump's hispanic advisory council resigned today saying they felt misled after trump's fiery speech on immigration last night. many latino supporters were hopeful after meeting trump last month that he would tone down his rhetoric on deporting otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants. now one republican analyst says she expects at least half of donald trump's hispanic advisory council to quit. those who have stepped down included texas attorney who had earlier written an article explaining why latinos should vote for trump. >> when i saw that he abandoned his republican principles and adopted populist propaganda thrown out by fair and numbered usa, i said this is it, this man
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, he's not doing what he said. he's acting like he doesn't even want to win. >> the nominee says there would be no amnesty for people living here illegally. and that they would have to leave the united states and apply to return. trump supporters said his visit to mexico yesterday to meet with the president and his 10- point immigration plan paid off by helping him appeal both to moderates as well as the republican base. flu vaccine arriving at pharmacies that will have to be shipped back. on segment 2, why experts say the vaccine doesn't work and hasn't worked for years. also a hurricane making landfall in florida. the 1st in 10 years. bill martin will show as the conditions at this hour.
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a young woman at the center of a sex scandal involving several law enforcement agencies has been arrested in florida. 19-year-old jasmine celeste who also goes by the name celeste guap traveled to florida last week to enter a rehab program for substance abuse. she was arrested on monday on a charge of aggravated battery for allegedly assaulting a staff member at the rehab facility. the police report says co-op ran from the facility, removed her top and started flashing
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passing cars. a security officer convinced her to return where the report says celeste guap became violent. biting one of the security guards. once she was under arrest the report says she was in the backseat of a patrol car and began beating her head against the car window and had to be restrained to prevent her from hurting herself. she claims to have had sex with at least 30 bay area police officers or sheriff deputies and she says some of those happened before she turned 18. oakland held the first of 10 community meetings seeking public input on the selection of a new chief. new at 10:00, ktvu's debora villalon live now at opd after attending tonight's meeting with teenagers at castle mont high school. debora? >> reporter: most of these meetings are citywide but the first two are seating in -- is seeking input from young people in particular. turnout on the small side. but the opinions very sincere. >> we are more fearful than the cops. because when we get stopped we
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don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: fearful, awful, tense, broken, words these teenagers and youth activists used to describe their relationship with police. and for some the word was missing. >> a lot of people that's been shot just laying in the street bleeding for 30 minutes. before anybody comes. >> seems like anything between macarthur and international is the slow zone. >> reporter: surveys are being taken and lists made. the ideal chief on paper has integrity and compassion and the room was divided on whether he should be from oakland and know it's streets or come from outside a clean slate. >> he should have fear. don't take this job if -- just because of the pay. you got to want to really see change. don't be afraid to come in and get your hands dirty. >> reporter: with the help of a recruiting firm has launched a national search for a boss who will bring stability and reform. to a department rocked by misconduct and revolving chiefs. >> this is the first thing for
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our state. i also want to bring up that it doesn't have to be a male. >> reporter: among those listening councilman larry reed. >> there's enough applicants that she could select someone right now. >> reporter: breed worries the mayor's lengthy search is hard on the rank and file. >> i would love to have had the process shorter than this. but it's the process the mayor selects so he got to live with it. >> reporter: there were more teenagers outside the -- the forum than in but no shortage of views. any chief. >> make sure they keep the streets more safe. and make it safe so we can walk home. hard to walk home without getting robbed or something. >> reporter: whoever takes the job will be many things to many people. >> this is mayor schaaf's first opportunity to hire a permanent chief so we want to take it seriously and do our due diligence around the community process. >> get it right. >> we have to. we have no choice here. >> reporter: the city expects
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attendance to pick up as these meetings continue. nine more this month and next and then candidate screening in november and a new police chief in time for the new year. there is also that online survey and we put a link to it on our website, reporting live in oakland, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. in san francisco 60 people have applied to become the new police chief. 11 are current or former members of the department. yesterday was the deadline to apply apply, the commission will now look at input from its community meetings and then meet in closed sessions to review applications. mayor ed lee will take the next chief from the top three candidates. hurricane hermine is expected to make landfall in the next few hours. the storm is bearing down with 80-mile an hour winds and could deliver up to 10 inches of heavy rain. forecasters say the category one hurricane to produce major flooding from a storm surge as high as nine feet, it would be
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florida's first direct hit from a hurricane since 2005. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storm for us. and its impact. what are the conditions right now? >> just now coming on shore. near the northern tip of florida. take a look, you'll see the eye pushing on shore, still a category one. here is florida, the panhandle. these are tornado watches and warnings in this area. this storm is still a category one hurricane. it will remain so until tomorrow morning when it drops down to tropical storm. look at the track. right along the eastern seaboard up to the carolinas. we're going to see significant rainfall and even the possibility of tornadoes. this system moving onshore right now, storm surge is happening right now. finest winds within the next few hours down to a tropical storm. coming up, flu vaccines that may not work and has not for years. still ahead a big change in the push to vaccinate this year as
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the flu season nears. also the 49ers other quarterback is making a statement on the field. honey it's not swiping. come on i need it to swipe. i know i need to swipe something. get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on.
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sweetie, what are you doing? oh, i have no idea what games are streaming right now. so i thought i would just root for everyone. get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. the sentence handed down in the brock turner case prompted to lawmakers to draft legislation that has now made it onto the governor's desk. the bill would change california's sentencing laws for felony sex offenses, ktvu's jana katsuyama live in our newsroom with the details. jana? >> reporter: this bill aims to expand the law and create mandatory prison terms for people convicted of sex offenses where the victim is unconscious. governor brown has been a big proponent of reducing the state's prison population so it's unclear whether he will
10:40 pm
sign this bill. the brock turner sentencing shocked two bay area lawmakers and said six months in jail and three years probation from santa clara judge aaron persky did not fit the conviction on three counts of sexual assault on an unconscious woman. >> when you look at the law, there's a loophole. >> reporter: geoffrey hill along with evan low say a.b. 2888 aims to close that loophole. under current law a court cannot grant probation if a person is convicted of rape or sexual assault by force. >> it's mandatory jail or prison time for that. if you don't force them, you can get probation and that's what the judge chose to do in this case. the problem was what's the difference? rape is rape. >> reporter: their bill passed unanimously and would change the law to prohibit probation and require mandatory prison time in cases where the victim
10:41 pm
is unconscious or intoxicated. >> i don't agree that in carson -- incarceration is an answer. this is a perfect example. >> reporter: this attorney disagrees with the bill and says it is politically motivated. he regularly handles felony sex offense cases and says judge persky's sentence was not unusual. >> this is a run-of-the-mill sentence for this kind of case. >> reporter: he does not excuse what brock turner did. >> terrible mistake. monstrous behavior. but then what do you do with that? >> reporter: he says there a good reason the law might treat incarceration differently based on the threat the person poses to society. >> it might be an answer for the individual, the offender who commits a violent rape. because in that situation literature would show that he's more likely to reoffend. more likely to rape again. there's literature that shows that rape is not about sex. it's about control. it's about violence. whereas in the flat party scenario where there's a drunk
10:42 pm
frat boy doing this, it's not about that. it's frankly about sex. >> reporter: senator hill says the bill aims to right a wrong. >> the punishment would be either three and possibly six years in prison. which is a major difference than three months in county jail. >> reporter: the bill does allow a court to include probation in cases where there are exceptional circumstances. but that must be explained on the record. governor brown has until september 30 2 decide whether to sign this into law. >> jana katsuyama in our newsroom, thank you. it is a fall ritual for many , getting your flu vaccine. the big change this year after the cdc says many doses just don't work. chief meteorologist bill martin back with the bay area forecast.
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on segment 2, flu vaccine that may not work. specifically the nasal mist that allows children and adults to opt for instead of getting a shot. the cdc says the mist is ineffective in children. that has pediatricians sending their supplies back. >> reporter: given the choice between the flu shot and the nasal spray, guess what a lot of kids choose. >> one, two, three. >> we have a lot of kids who were so scared of shots they would hide under the table and we couldn't get them out. the mist was a great way to give it to them. >> reporter: sorry, kids. we just found out you won't get the choice. dr. yvonne maldonado is professor of pediatrics at stanford. >> i'm also the vice chair of the american academy of pediatrics committee on infectious diseases. >> reporter: that committee and the cdc basically tell pediatricians what works and what doesn't.
10:46 pm
data now shows the nasal spray doesn't work. and apparently it hasn't for years. so why did it take three years to figure it out? experts say the flu can be tricky. back in 2013 there was some concern. but that's a big change to what the vaccine did when it was first introduced in 2003. >> this particular vaccine worked so well in 2003 that it virtually was the vaccine of choice for children. just worked really well. better than the vaccine. >> reporter: what changed? three years ago instead of putting three strains, a fourth was added. >> at first the manufacturer thought adding that fourth strain was supposed to make it more effective but it may have affected the ability of the vaccine to work at all. we don't know for sure. trying to keep up with the flu virus absolutely is difficult. >> it is. the problem were just the way
10:47 pm
it is now put together. nobody knows. >> reporter: there's another problem. the nasal spray got the green light in january. this data didn't come in until the summer. >> we didn't know the data about the effectiveness until after the vaccine was well on its way. it will be arriving in boxes and they won't be using it. >> reporter: now pediatricians have to get refunds, more shots and they will have to have some tough talks. >> is that a tough conversation with the kids who have liked having this option? >> yes. they feel very bad because i've had kids who had their checkups in the summer had to give them a shots and said, at least we can give you the mist. and then the announcement rolled around and i have to explain to them, i'm very sorry to those kids. but i can give them something that's not going to protect them. >> reporter: which brings us back to that needle, the flu shot comes with the three and four strain options. >> which one do you get? >> the four. >> you might as well get more bang for your buck.
10:48 pm
more protection. is the same shot. >> reporter: more protection because the data shows the shot is actually effective. >> the shot is great. terrible news for kids but great news -- >> that the main message. to continue to vaccinate. we feel very strongly that these vaccines are very safe. and they are very effective. >> reporter: claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. taking a look at the weather, a cool one out there today. these were the highs from today which are a lot cooler than you might expect for august or september now. 82 in fairfield, hotspot 87 antioch. high temperature for friday like these, fog outside, a lot of it but of there, hi so you're not seeing pictures over the east bay hills already. moving into livermore valley. clouds out there right now, the winds and the fog, picking up on the satellite image but you've got a lot of low clouds
10:49 pm
at the beaches. pacifica and half moon bay temperatures in the low 60s throughout much of the bay inland areas. and then tomorrow as we go into the day, a lot like today. cool and mild out there. with high temperatures in the hotspots just in the 80s. this is friday's forecast. saturday and sunday not much difference because high- pressure is not here, low pressure allows -- low-pressure north that allows this to stretch out. that the whole deal. fire danger not crazy. air quality is pretty good. not seeing spare the air days. we are going to see the clouds continue as we move into the first week of september because of the low pressure system. tomorrow just like today, as long as that guy stays here. we are going to be right for the next five days. the forecast tomorrow, we've seen this before. fog and low clouds. and then the model thinks it might mix out but there's still going to be fog and low clouds and cool. 70s are yellows, oranges are
10:50 pm
80s. five-day forecast, look at the top tier number, i would expect 90s. this time of year. certainly on a couple of those days but upper 70s and low 80s. so a good setup for firefighters as we head into the holiday weekend. >> looks good. thank you, bill. mark ibanez is next.
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mark is here now. the 49ers and raiders playing but of course we're talking about the 49ers first. >> yeah. these are final exhibition games we probably wouldn't even give 30 seconds to otherwise. just playing out the strings. but of course all eyes on san diego and obviously focused on the national anthem. the start with calling kaepernick took a knee from that shot, kind of looks like he is sitting down but he's taking a knee with his fellow teammates, safety eric reid, mixed reaction to say the least in the crowd but his teammates seem to be responding to him. got to say on the first drive calling kaepernick starting was pretty sharp, 10-yard run and a first down bleeding and 85-yard drive. wondering about his arm strength? this is a bullet to drese anderson, remember flipper anderson? drese anderson is his son. 14-yard hookup right there, the niners will take it into the end zone. kaepernick appears to be emotionally engaged.
10:54 pm
:juan harris, finding his way on the short yardage run. 49ers lead 6-0. they fail on the two-point conversion. kaepernick out, christian ponder in. he might be a useful backup. although he has been harshly criticized. a couple rushing touchdowns for him, 31-21. 49ers win. kaepernick after the game mixing it up with some of the 49er fans down there. made the trek to san diego. 2-2 preseason, kaepernick 11- 18, 103 yards and four rushes for 38 yards. the raiders right in our backyard in the color season, -- coliseum. nothing to prove except they belong in the nfl. pete carroll, great coach but he whines a lot. he whines all night long. in a preseason game. he says james powder, linebacker, oh, hits the safety right there.
10:55 pm
tre von blake goes down and derek carr on the sidelines is liking the play there. it's 2-0 at halftime. second-half action, connor cook might be the number 3 quarterback on the raiders. but ryan robinson picked, 46 yards, cl takes command of the football game, 9-8. the only reason i'm showing you this, i'm pulling for george atkinson, love his dad, this is his son. he is gone. 80 yards. kind of a meaningless touchdown return. he has been explosive in the preseason. could make the team. seattle wins the ball game 23- 21. that was an exciting play right there, the most exciting that the raiders revved up and feeling pretty good about their defense. the giants, this season i tell you what, so frustrating to watch. one of the things about the giants you have to pay attention to, they don't fare well against teams with winning records.
10:56 pm
the cubs have the best record. in all of baseball. a great start for san francisco. hunter pence pounding one into the bleachers at wrigley. 2-0 lead in the first but bottom of the first inning, jeff samardzija giving it right back and more. 2-2 when chris conklin with a shot down the right-field line. got himself an rbi double. the cubs take the lead. 3-2. the giants came back to even the score at 3-3. the giants pick up the 4-3 lead on display bases loaded. brandon crawford to the mound. ben zobrist allows a run to score. giants lead 4-3 going to the bottom of the seventh inning. two outs, addison russell, a little soft single to left field. two runs will score. the last 20 giants were retired off -- offensively. good night. >> see you later.
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hey! we got a package from my dad. no air holes in the box. that's a good sign. lily loved having that chicken. one more time than she realized. listen, i just got an e-mail from our wedding singer. he has a small request. another one? since when does the wedding singer send us requests? well, no, he just wants to change a few songs in your medley to avoid overlap with the stuff that he's performing. well, i hope it's none of my showstoppers. oh, they're all showstoppers. [ chuckling ] oh, you're too kind. oh, my gosh, it's us. for our wedding cake. couldn't you just die? i really think i could. my dad made this. he's a world-class soap carver. you know, once, when i was a kid, i cussed, and my mom washed my mouth out with the leaning tower of pisa. she still blames herself to this day. oh, i would have nixed that wedding topper immediately, but cam and i have an agreement. we -- we each got three vetoes of each other's wedding ideas -- no questions asked. and it -- it worked for...a while. i think you're gonna love my wedding board. i'm pretty excited, too.


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